Off Broadway

Art of Self-Defense Judith Anderson Theatre

by Trish Johnson

The Survivalist Ensemble Studio Theatre

by Robert Schenkkan

Baseball Wives Westside Arts Center

by Grubb Graebner

Sympathy Manhatten Punchline Theater

by Dana Coen


Top Girls Cincinnati Playhouse

by Caryl Churchill

(National Design Award)

Cabaret Verboten Mark Taper Forum & LACMA

(with Roger Reese & Bebe Neuwirth)

Benefactors South Coast Repertory

by Michael Frayn

At Long Last Leo South Coast Repertory

by Mark Stein

The Ramp South Coast Repertory

by Shem Bitterman

Hospitality Suite South Coast Repertory

by Roger Reuff

Goodbye Moscow Philadelphia Annenberg Center

By Mark Stein

Talking With Philadelphia Annenberg Center

by Jane Martin

Groves of Academe –             ATL Humana Festival

by Mark Stein                                                                              (with Chris Cooper)

Lunch Hour ATL Shorts Festival

by Robert Schenkkan                                                                 (with Chris Cooper

Slow Drag Mama ATL Humana Festival

by Dare Clubb & Isabel Monk

Compendium of One Act Plays DeMaurier Festival, Canada

by Athol Fugard, Jon Jory, Jane Martin, John PiRoman & John Pielmeier

Eye of the Beholder USIA American Theatre Exhibit

by Kent Broadhurst                                                        (Budapest, Hungary)

Talking With International Festival of Australia

by Jane Martin                                                                   (Sydney and Perth)

In Darkest America

The Eclipse & Tone Clusters

by Joyce Carol Oates

Quartermaine’s Terms

by Simon Gray

Stanton’s Garage ATL Humana Festival

by Joan Ackerman